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tv   Headline News  RT  August 19, 2013 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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well the u.s. steps up its drone war in yemen fears rise of the strikes may be playing into the hands of al qaida find more followers among the enemies of america's controversial anti-terrorist strategy. the journalist behind the n.s.a. spying exposé denounces efforts to intimidate him after authorities at his through airport used anti terror laws to detain his partner. and more casualties in egypt dozens are killed after a failed jailbreak by islamist prisoners near cairo and the ambush of police officers in sinai this follows days of clashes that have left nearing a thousand people dead. and thousands protest in experimental british fracking well alarmed locals and activists saying they're determined to prevent
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environmentally devastating operation. this is r.t. coming to you live from the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program. now the obama administration is willing to step up drone strikes in yemen even further despite no precise intelligence on terrorist targets there according to reports from washington this may well be sending chills down the spines of ordinary yemenis who bear the brunt of the unmanned attacks and even pushes some to join the ranks of al qaida. reports recent research suggests that since two thousand and two was drone strikes in yemen have claimed the lives of over eight hundred seventy people ninety nine percent of those victims were killed under the obama administration thirty eight since late july alone washington claims most of
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them were suspected al qaeda terrorists but locals are painting a different picture it's hard to verify the exact number of civilian deaths i would miss reports are often contradictory and the bodies of those killed in drone strikes are sometimes too badly charred to be identified in september last year thirteen civilians were killed including women and children near the village of. yemen u.s. officials were anonymously quoted as saying their intended target was completely missed and the incident was a mistake but no official acknowledgement or apology followed here's another example this time from two thousand and eleven conflicting reports blame a drone strike for the deaths of up to fifty people including around thirty civilians after a police station fell under militant control washington maintained its stance of not commenting on individual cases all these drone strikes in yemen at least seventy nine in total under president obama are done in the name of counterterrorism fighting al qaeda is offshoot on the arabian peninsula known as a
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q a p but there are suggestions that such attacks combined with civilian deaths to destroy homes and crippling poverty are actually drawing people closer to a q a p something even president obama acknowledges this is not to say that the risks are not real. any u.s. military action in foreign lands risks creating more enemies and impacts public opinion overseas the very perceived drone strikes and the necessary secrecy often involved in such actions can end up shielding our government from the public scrutiny that a troop deployment invites it could also lead a president and his team to view drone strikes as a cure all for terrorism a local saying as soon as the dust settles from drone attacks a q a p arrives on the scene and rebuilding homes and offering to pay funeral costs turning the us
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policy into an ideal recruitment tool and although the strikes are conducted with the go ahead from the yemeni government every civilian death is likely to fuel resentment in the country meaning america may unintentionally be doing well kind us p.r. and recruitment on their behalf while we spoke to roger body an advisor to yemen's prime minister who says that it's a clear account fact that america's drone strategy isn't working otherwise its foreign for ease would be over by now. it does not simply come down to how many deaths have been caused by the drones and we believe that if drone strikes were capable of putting an end to terrorism the u.s. would have already ended terrorism and pakistan and iran about a successful strategy cannot rely on sheer military force alone because it is much more than the security threat the end the line cause of terrorism or in the political social educational and most economic problems of our country we believe
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that bloodshed can only lead to move bloodshed there pulled drone strikes cannot be a viable solution to this problem and. well the drone strategy is finding much approval among americans with recent surveys suggesting that up to sixty five percent say yes to strikes abroad but that reverses when asked about the use of drones at home with less than a stirred supporting the option of foreign policy expert robert naiman believes that public opinion wouldn't be the same if washington lifted the veil of secrecy we should all be troubled about a secret war that's conducted according to secret law the obama administration refuses to disclose the legal memos purporting to explain why the policy is legal and constitutional american people aren't getting the information they would need to come to an informed decision about this policy. you know should hold the media to a high standard the government is making their job very difficult with the secrecy
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of the clampdown and information to crack down on willful blowers the refusal to disclose basic information like who were fighting how many people have been killed how many civilians have been killed what's the legal justification the obama administration is refusing to disclose any of this information and that makes it much harder for the media to do their jobs now dozens of casualties are reported in two separate incidents in a chip one was a failed prison break a tam by detain muslim brotherhood supporters the other and militant ambush of police in another volatile sign up police bosses in the volatile sinai area and if this continues a week of deadly fighting across the country with over eight hundred people killed in clashes between islam and activists and security forces well we're now joined by bill drew who is live from cairo tell us more about these latest attacks and the overall situation in the country. absolutely we've got another two very
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bloody incidences that took place sunday and of course today the first incident yesterday was apparently a botched prison break council though we haven't got confirmed details from proper source yet all state media report it was on sunday thirty six thirty six prisoners who had been picked up during the ramses square crisis on friday when morsy supporters and security forces were engaged in bloody street battles were basically in a police truck being moved from a security directorate to prison pending fifteen days in jail pending investigations now according to state media they were attacked this police truck was attacked by armed groups the police responded with tear gas a officer was an allegedly kidnapped and in the in the meantime these prisoners were basically suffocated to death however the muslim brotherhood have a different story they say the prisoners were in fact killed by the police forces
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and that more and more than thirty six were actually dead and that meanwhile these people they call political detainees are being treated very badly in prisons including being tortured now the second incident happened in sinai this very very difficult area of egypt what the related reports are saying are actually conflicting one source talking to a.p. said that armed gunmen attacked. two police cars with weapons and basically mowed down these police officers during a bush are the source is a saying that's a rocket propelled grenade was fired at the police police soldiers and that's what led to bear death this is basically the single biggest death toll in sinai in the last few years so it's a significant event as that particular area continues to heat up. well we're also hearing other reports of attacks on egyptian christians over the past week what more can you tell us about that. well this is the latest story that's developing every day we've had dozens of churches christian businesses and homes
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torched ransacked and raided by supposed islamist supporters of ousted leader mohamed morsi i spoke to one christian family down south where most of this violence actually occurring in an area called me and told me that a local islamist family had actually threatened and demanded extortion money to protect her business so what we're looking at here is a really serious crackdown on the christian christian communities to the point where some of the senior members of the church is suggesting that they don't have public appearances christians themselves have feeling that they have to stay at home meanwhile churches are going up in flames almost every single day what the people are saying is security forces are not helping the situation they're not responding to calls for help so the citizens themselves about to for human cordons around these churches to protect them from the the onslaught it's really this is a kind of culture of impunity contributing to this crisis which is the story that we're going to be watching as it develops in the coming days thanks very much
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indeed for bringing us this update from the capital cairo. now people are racing to protect their homes from flooding and russia's far east. that's as water levels break all time records during the worst delusion and more than a century coming out. through travels through the most devastated areas to bring you firsthand accounts. now a sleepy village and the british countryside is turning into a battleground between fracking giants versus anxious locals and activists thousands of protesters have descended on the area we're drilling for gas has been whole to on advice from the police citing america's tragic experiments with fracking residents fear the worst saying they're unconvinced by government assurances are just are silly is there for us. well we're here in balcombe but this is the site of where an oil and gas company quit drill is doing exploratory drilling you have the police over here trying to stop any possible protesters from
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getting in a clearly fracking is a divisive a topic over here you've got residents debating it the issue many of them pointing out to what they see will be the consequences if big companies go in to their neighborhoods to their area and the consequences that impact on the climate on the water we spoke with one of those residents and talk to her about what her fears are if fracking doesn't do happen how ministers who many of whom my industry invested who are saying that there is no evidence of contamination and that they can regulate this safely and that this is been going on for decades none of which statements are true on the beach or very the willfully lying or they haven't done the research and there is ample evidence of despereaux home that is done the seismic activity is triggered the water is contaminated and the bottom line is this industry this technology is an extreme eco sudden technology it cannot be regulated once you mess with the subterranean geology even the industry's own figures say
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that all the wells will leak in the end it is just insane that this is being allowed to go ahead instead of reinvesting in safe renewable energy technologies that will give us energy security will give us last employment one hundred people it's quiet right now because they've stopped operations having taken the advice of the police and more protesters will be coming to this area and right over there this is quite a common a sight around here were residents gather to argue fracking or to discuss with police when police officers come over to where they are camped out for these things that might not know if this impacts it will affect them that you're going to do if there's a blow out how was your evacuation plan for village the u.k. government is looking to the example in north america in the united states where they say that the energy market has changed the bills have been lowered and this has increased a self-sufficiency david cameron has. said that it is this will also increase jobs as well as lower bills but clearly the residents here who are here camping out are
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saying that the positives do not quite outweigh the negatives that they think fracking will bring to them reporting from balcombe on tests or cilia. how many people are in the dark over fracking and given the confusing nature of how it works that's no surprise well here's a simple explanation first off oil companies drill down to shale rock formations a kilometer or more on the ground and they drill horizontally through it once that's been done engineers lower explosives into the hole and set them off to riddle it with cracks so those cracks are then pumped full of pressure and water and a toxic cocktail of chemicals that tears matter apart isolating gas and oil from the shale before extraction so what's the catch you might ask well remember all those toxic chemicals they pump ten those can float ryback up straight into your drinking water your lakes your rivers and what's worse fracking results in an enormous
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amount of waste including radioactive water which then has to be dumped somewhere the toxic drill floyds also contaminated the ground slowing spread spreading through the earth near the drill site and to top it off a tremendous amount of highly potent greenhouse gases are released during the entire process to war think the environmental impact of conventional oil and gas exploration so those are the dangers but why isn't the government worried as much as others and. candidates for the green party believes it's because one is fully vested with big business. the links between of government and the fossil fuel industries are there for all to see and therefore you know there's got to be strong suspicions of vested interest is interest their work it's no big surprise until we get a massive change in a change of government in this country the policies are going to chinese are going to look in off of the parties in these big companies campaign the model is focused
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on going to be the size of a core so a lot of these toy hall and areas affected by this industry. and that's before. the whole country starts to realize just how corrupt this government really is and i think people are just seeing through the thin tissue of lawyers and the connections with these big industries and it's becoming clearer and clearer by the day and i think this government is headed hopefully for what have the bloody noses come the next election. well the cyber currency bitcoin is taking baby steps towards the big money world has been declared legal tender in germany of the first country to officially recognize the digital currency for a legislative and tax purposes more on that and other stories after the break.
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welcome back to this is r.t. now bringing the powers of a terror act severe british airport authority spent nine hours questioning a partner of the journalist who broke the n.s.a. surveillance scandal reporter glenn greenwald colditz intimidation but insists it hasn't scared him or his partner david who had all his electronic equipment confiscated well now let's turn our live to go for more details on this point talk us through what happened. hi there well greenwald's partner is a twenty eight year old brazilian citizen david miranda and he had been to burne lynn where he was visiting another guardian journalist who was also working on the n.s.a. scandal with glenn greenwald now miranda was returning from berlin to brazil and transferring through london's heathrow airport and that's where the british police
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stopped him detained him and told him that he would be questioned and the schedule seven of the terrorism act now it's a court of actual law because it allows the police sweeping powers to basically question and detain any individual and miranda was held as you said for nine hours in london's heathrow airport that's the absolute maximum time that the police are allowed under this law to detain an individual before they're either release them or arrest them now ninety seven percent of the people that are questioned under this law are released within one hour it's extremely rare for the police to question anybody for that maximum allocated time of nine hours but miranda was eventually released he was allowed to continue his journey back to brazil but not before the police confiscated all of his electronic equipment including his mobile
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phone his laptop memory sticks a camera d.v.d.'s and even games consoles well judging by glenn greenwald comments i was he wasn't happy about what happened tell us a bit more about his reaction. well it's been a reaction of outrage really and glenn greenwald's called it a profound attack on press freedoms on the news gathering process he said that detaining his partner for nine hours while denying him a lawyer seizing large amounts of his personal possessions was clearly intended to intimidate those reporting on the n.s.a. scandal on the g.c. h.q. scandals you also mention that not even the mafia stoops as low as targeting family members this was however something that glenn greenwald predicted would happen although he had assumed that it would be the u.s. government that would take this sort of action let's take a listen now to what he said. there are certainly. reason to think about what the
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u.s. government might want to do in terms of. me specifically for the journalism we're doing but it's not anything that's going to constrain me or deter be or intimidate me in any way we're going to continue to report as we've been doing. it's not just glenn greenwald international have called miranda's detainment on the full and inexcusable from the general public there's been almost a sense of surprise at the very brazen way in which the police use this anti terror law to question and detain miranda for such a long time so a lot of people waiting now for some moments is from the british government including the guardian's lawyer is. indeed very much for the. call reporting from london. now there is no relief in sight for the tens of thousands of people living in a russia's far east battered by the worst flooding in more than
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a century water levels have already broken a historical record for the region and they're expected to reach the peak only by the middle of the week around thirty thousand people have already been evacuated by emergency services and authorities say this could be just the beginning are caught in the thick of events and talk to some of the victims. this scale is breathtaking as far as the eye can see floodwaters submerge swathes of eastern russia homes destroyed and livelihoods ruined water beneath me is three meters deep and all around you can just see rooftops and treetops sticking out from above the water we've even just come across one couple who were preparing their dinner on the roof some of the steadfast few who at the moment refused to leave their homes this is the island of leyte the middle for most of the residents have been evacuated to safety forced out by the deluge but some have simply refused to leave a furry instead to brave it out to me to alexei for two weeks now he's been living
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in his attic with his brother slava and cats. we have to travel to dry land by boats to meet my wife who brings us food from the city and i have to stay here to try and save what i can there's no other place we can live. a little later on we spot a couple they need to reinforce their roof and get help from the emergency services that we're traveling with it's an attempt to keep out the worst floods in the region in over one hundred years not everyone is prepared to wait it out of the thirty thousand displaced many have found themselves in temporary accommodation centers that have been hastily assembled in places like schools thousands of troops and emergency crews continue to arrive in the area to help tackle the disaster in the meantime there are fears rescue workers could be confronted with a major health crisis medics are warning the rising waters could be
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a breeding ground for diseases such as hepatitis and dysentery but for the time being local officials maintain they're getting all the support they need. we're receiving a lot of help from emergency crews sent in by moscow troops and rescue workers arrived with boats another equipment to give us a hand. full of the authorities handling of the crisis has been praised up to now the worst. still lay ahead with more rain expected in the next few days one of the main areas of concern to the hydroelectric power stations which is straining against a critical mass of water threatening to send millions more tons down on to the already devastated region scott r.t. the admiral region. well here's a heartwarming story from the flooded region these bears found themselves trapped in a cage powerless to escape the rapidly rising waters luckily for them rescuers arrived and lifted them to safety by helicopter or get more details of the russian far east flooding r.t. dot com and here's what else you'll find there as well. it seems the x.
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files truth is out there the u.s. opens up to shatter a series of you have folks parents taking place in a super secret military base in nevada so i had to dot com and check out what's really going on in area fifty one. also online today russia's security services aim to bring down an underground computer network anonymity is serving as a magnet for criminals. now global official currencies have now got a new addition to the family germany has become the first country to officially recognize virtual bit koreans as legal tender valid for the go and tax purposes watty as host of the venture capital program katie pilbeam joins me now was more so actually incredible news in fact for germany's so what does it actually mean what will change for germans using a big coin now with the father that it's in they go is great for the image of the
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brick in the very fact that people have got to worry about breaking a law they can buy their goods and services a great and it's great for the transparency for the trustworthy of the coins as we know since its introduction four years ago has not been short of controversy about the show and that's because it has a sions of money laundering drug smuggling and that's because it doesn't have any satiation with a cent to a bank or central government and maybe this is something that makes it even more appealing exam now the new york is gripped you know the. we are also currency manipulation and debt is well that's what makes it so are there any people in that intervention for some government. as well as that like i say there's also the negative come. cover that as well because you don't have the regulation that's a problem said by making it legal is a step towards that but you know what it might take some educating actually because another many people know about it you know how they can get it because it's not really easy to get of the process of getting big numbers called mining and it's
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also through some you know mathematical sort of cold stuff so you can't really get a you know it's. probably limited intelligible form which is confusing and it's right it's virtually virtual but really for me i see this is what is rubber stamp of approval it is saying well it's legal and also germany is the so-called powerhouse of europe so germany is going to use it they're saying it's ok why can't the rest of. my follow suit and it's the first country that's using it very. significant say the least and it's been a fairly interesting moment as well we have to remember because thailand said it was illegal at the end of july they found as a currency but first week of august we had a court in texas same that it was legal and this makes the value of the coin credibly. actually the uighurs. is looking at it as well and maybe the possibility of regulating it somehow in the future so where will we see all feasible now looking more feasible now than absolutely well you know given all pros
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and cons what is actually what does this move mean for bitcoin then i think it's most definitely positive because it means that there's two sides of the coin excuse the pun it's not all negative special because the thailand moment was a point for the big climb but right now it's looking positive this definitely to germany is a big point it is looking good point katie thank you so much for explaining this to us and next on our team we'll look at the end result of the tactics employed by police to interrogate suspects just ahead so don't go away. secret laboratory was able to build a most sophisticated robot which fortunately. tim's mission to teach creation why it should care about humans and. this is why you should care
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the crime is not to viola manville a seventy four year old woman found dead on the twenty ninth of november one thousand nine hundred eighty eight along the track. dozens of suspects will be questioned and will be released including frank stirling seen in this photograph. two years later detectives trained by reed reopen the case and are convinced frank is guilty. a few years earlier his brother had been sentenced to prison for raping . and franks is thought to have wanted revenge. the police. all relentless and press sterling until he cracks on the eleventh of july nine hundred ninety one and exhausted frank sterling admits to the mudda his confession is recorded. many years later the murder of a for.


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